Cebu Bloggers in Digital Filipino Club Event!

By Miong - Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's the Keyword?
Ms. Janette Toral asks... "It's easy to find when its purple!" and I received those two pins courtesy by Ms. Janet. All nice, together with these pins is the Yahoo Purple Hunt promotional stuffs that has cuttable objects for you to think of and do too.
That activity just play a tiny(i say tiny because there are more surprises on the event) part of the Cebu Big event, Digital FIlipino Club Networking and Fellowship Event with the Cebu Bloggers and all other online players that includes website owners and the like, visitors, etc. Held at Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Saturday July 11, 2009. This is the second time that Ms Janette brought the same event just last year and it showcases what Digital Filipino exclusively means. Special thanks to Ms Janette Toral and PAGCOR Cebu.
And of course Cebu Bloggers Society is on the momentum again for the event. Kudos to all bloggers newbies and pros that attended! I see new faces and hopefully I could still see them on the other Cebu Bloggers activities. More activities announced related to PAGCOR Cebu about their upcoming events. Ms Janette mention more on updates of Top Ten Emerging Influencial Blogs of 2009 and the Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009
My visitor, Candy Sullano, Me and Prince during the sumptuous dinner!
We have hear thoughts from the man behind and Wilson Ng related to their feat on the Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009. More giveaways were sponsored by PAGCOR Cebu, the green bags full of surprices, Wison Ng's CD, some books, GCs and others.
Photo Credits to Clado and Iamdownloader.

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  1. nasuya ko sa purple hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Maypa ka Miong naa ka anang Yahoo goodies. Haha. It's easy when it's purple! Ako wala. Tsk. ;)

  3. more and more events for cebu bloggers! thanks to ms janette. she has been in the move to support the growing blogosphere.

  4. @Jorich: hehe kasayang ug wala kai imo.hehe next time nlang jorich.

    @bryan: si tiannex man to ang niingon nga mosulod mi balik sa event hall kai gigutom kuno cya, mao to nasugatan mi ni Ms. Janette ug nangutana dayon siya about sa keyword.hehe

    @dong: 2nd time na gani ni cya nga event diri sa cebu dong. payter kaau.

  5. wow sayang sana may nadawat din akong pin. sorry nilantan ko ng afternoon. Cge kasi ng ulan.

  6. @orbel: okay na bai!

    @cebuanong hilaw: okay lang yun, baka next time.hehe

  7. bakit hindi na ka uniform si Guada

  8. okay lang yun, hindi naman ganon ka strict in terms of uniform e. meron i guess na sa bag niya yung uniform niya.haha