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By Miong - Thursday, June 11, 2009

Before the month of May ends,, Cebu Bloggers and La Maison had the one-of-a-kind event that all of us is clinging to. An event which is the start of future ideals towards e-marketing and something that could boost each other's interest and mutualism. Ideals
Yehey is looking forward to stabilized a solid mark in internet world by means of all filipino hardwork anf patronage since statistics reveals that we take part a big share in commonly networking site globally like, and the like. So why not use our own resources anyway to build a internet hun that would compete to that leading sites or at least can stand in our country. Yehey extends that in evry nation no one really can beat the leaders like, and others but at least we have a local portal/search engine that is working and still fighting and of course supported by us. and it should be
Their Ideals was brought to life by Ms Elaine, Ms Kankan and Mr Lim during the meet.
Cebu Blogger's Task.
We at the Cebu Bloggers Society which primarily is promoting Cebu through blogs could help the realization of's Ideals. By tapping to us, could extend the needs of Industries here in Cebu and the Visayas by working with them and what all we can do. Anyway, we in CBS are willing to that. We are always on the go when it comes to Nation Building in means of what we cand do., you can count on us!
La Maison showcases top-of-a-kind delicious cuisine and culinary with the way they show business and service to the people of Cebu. Im just given a chance to savour their menus and wanna share something from it.
Fore more info about La Maison, Check them @ The Terrace, Ayala Center Cebu. Image Credits to mikyu. vanjohn and doy!

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  1. im sure you met ms kankan there. astig ang mga events sa cebu ah.

  2. yup! We meet her during the event. Nameet na nimo cya d i? and kaila pod ka.hehe