Asus Ultimate 2009 Overclocking Show

By Miong - Friday, May 15, 2009

When I bought the parts of my Personal Computer last year, One thing I have considered is to choose a MOBO(motherboard) that would fit both Gaming and Graphics, generally maximizing its capacity to handle heavy task. I've read forums, used search engines and ask Computer enthusiasts to answer this need.
Luckily I am, one of my colleague here in my workplace knows much about this stuffs and he even knows more than overclocking and maximizing PC performance and speed!
He highly recommended ASUS Mobos and parts because of its abilty to be subjected for Overclocking. Overclocking by the way, is a state of process where a Personal Computer is running at a higher clock rate than it was specified in the packaging from the manufaturer. Gamers and PC enthusiasts finds out that this specs can be utilize more by adding some modification and techniques to the original hardware and software combinations to boost once PC performance and speed. Designed-wise this technique was forseen already by the Manufacturers, one of them is ASUS.
In lieu of my introduction, there will be an ASUS PC Fair, May 14-24, 2009 at SM City Cebu Atrium, near Kameraworld featuring "ASUS Ultimate 2009 Overclocking Show" on May 23, 3-5pm at SM Entertainment Plaza, near Food Court. A PC Overclocking skills competition using the top Hardware from different brands. First in Cebu to have this type of competition as far as i have known.
It would be an exciting event and we, Cebu Bloggers Society will also be there for the event.

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