Cebu Bloggers Campout 2009 Experience

By Miong - Monday, April 20, 2009

And it was a full blasts Group Campout Indeed! The Cebu Bloggers Campout 2009 Experience!
We had our group's 1st Campout Activity last April 18-19, 2009 at Mendoza's Residence in Jardin de Busay, Busay Cebu City. Great Experience and Fun. Great People and camaraderie.
Recently concluded campout was a succesful one, thanks to the behind the scene Organizers and of course the CBS people.
I wont be narrating the detailed story of the event and instead I will be posting some Facial Expressions and Experiences from the attendees and how they are able to manage to let their respective teammates guess the "word" that they are trying to portray in the game "Charades"
Boys+Girls Team: Ethelbert, Clado, Mikyu, Timoy, Kai and Empress.
All boys team: Bryan, McBilly, Tianexx, Tanom, Ianov and Aldwin.
More detailed post below:
1. Cebu Bloggers Camp Out Creates a FAMILY.
2. The Esoteric CBS Camp Out.
3. Cebu Bloggers, more than just friend...
4. CBS Camp-Out
5. Into the wild. wild CBS Camp Out.
Kudos to all CBS People!

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  1. lingaw kaau ang camp out bai miong! heheh.. sunod napud!weeeeeeeeee!

  2. jeeezz...the bloody charades...where are the rest of the pics miong?

  3. sayanga jud ani..wala ko kaanha :(

  4. hahahh! laina ani ui.. i still laugh when i remember the corneto thing! ahhaha

  5. @jorich:pero kadiyot ra lagi ka sa pool bai jorich?hehe tugnaw ang busay? sunod na pod sa campout 2010.hehe

    @empress: hahaha, tequila monents was savoured by mark alone.hehe

    @jesryl: see you there sa Maribago Bluewater Bloggers Blowout bai jes!

    @mark: wow corneto again.haha yah remember the tequila thing?

    @iggy: nindot baya ni mokanta si mikyu, nindot ug tingog.

  6. wahahaha! the pictures are cute XD i'm really glad you had fun... hahaha... [can't remember how many times i wrote that one!] pero i really mean it!! hehehe... i hope i could come to the next outing and stuff XD

  7. Salamat ani doh. Lingaw kaayo tong camp out. Dagat nasad sunod! Yahoo!

  8. Some really funny pictures you have there miong... I was blog hopping among CBS blogs and it seems everyone has a blast sa camp out...

  9. @aimee: haha, thanks aimee. sa maribago bluewater nlang bawi.

    @bryan: yeah, dala ko skim board ana doh para lingaw!hehe

    @carrie: yeah a total blast man!hehe hope to join the contest.hehe

  10. lingaw kaayo...weeeeeeeeee! thank you all...:)hope kuyog na sad ta maribago..hehe

  11. @kai: lingaw gyud kaau kai, lingaw sad kaau imo pic diri.hehe

  12. ito yung campout namin sa Cebu Bloggers dong.