Bantayan Island | Cebu's Summer Island and Holy Week

By Miong - Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I received an email from a friend about the summer event posted above that would be happening starting today at Isla sa Bantayan. Thought its simultaneously held in Holy Week, It is expected to draw crowd from all parts of the country, even aliens.

Others say, especially those that came from there, Bantayan Island could be a substitute of Boracay that is famous of its white sand beaches. Bantayan Island has these qualities that Boracay does. Long white-sanded shoreline and nice accomodation of resorts.
I have never witnessed these qualities yet and I will be expriencing that tomorrow.

I will be going there by tomorrow for a skim session with my friends. I will be spending it a sort of a little vacation, unwind, while observing the traditions of holy week reflections. Its my first time to go there and I'l see what it brings.

Its the time of the year to pause for a while to do reflections. Just do your routine as part of the Catholic Nation.
Had a reflective holy weekend!

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  1. Share us your experiences there!

    How's skimming different from surfing ?

  2. Sure iamdownloader! soon.

    Skimming is done on the shore while surfing is offshore(gamai sa lang)hehe

  3. @used cars sale: di pa late, kasi hanggang May pa ang events doon sa bantayan.