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By Miong - Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the middle of the Sinulog Events, I just want to insert this post, my entry for 's The Batang Yagit SEO Contest with the Keyword Bisdak Blogger. Unfortunately this contest is good only for Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) Members. To know more about the group, visit here:

Bisdak Blogger is collective noun for Bloggers that: features Cebu, promote Cebu; are based in Cebu; Cebuano, Bisaya and the like. And thats what composes CBS then.
Majority of Bisdak Blogger are from Visayas and Mindanao. Although the word Bisdak is widely used in Cebu, still Bisdak Bloggers are spotted all over the two main island.

I was once known a Davaoenio, a Bisdak Blogger,
Pagtuki Blog's author is an example of a Bisdak Blogger because his post are in Bisaya Language, although not all but majority. For me I can claim him as a Bisdak Blogger.

Moreover, In Cebu, I knew few Bisdak Blogger, one is Clado of Title wise, we cant deny that the Blogger of this site is a Bisdak Blogger. Also Gerry Gervacio did a blog that also reflexes a Bisdak Blogger must be.
This is an SEO, Searh Engine Optimization (SEO) Contest so I am providing you with these useful SEO Tutorial link. Pit Senyor!

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  1. Miong, you converese this SEO challenge well and yur page is neat.

    about the prize for second? Le tme think on that if may kwarta pang nahibilin... he he he

  2. hehe. winner take all nlang to. nya si jurich pa gyud nag una pirmi.
    good luck to all anyway!:))

  3. Hi Bisdak pud ko natawo sa Negross Occidental, nag dako sa Bukidnon Mindanao
    and blogger, proud bisdak

  4. Patik! ubay-ubay gyud diay ta! ipakatag ang Bisdak nga kinaiya!