Cebu Bloggers YearEnd Party 2008

By Miong - Friday, December 19, 2008

It's the Cebu Bloggers Society Year-End Party. CBS, a blogging group composed of Cebu-based Bloggers aim to promote Cebu through Blogging. For more exclusive informations, You can avail it through here:
Here are some shots of CBS Year-ender Party!
[Party is exclusively held @ Mendoza's Residence @ Jardin de Busay, Busay, Cebu City.]

[On our way to the Party Venue]

[The Venue: Mendoza's Residence, Jardin de Busay, Busay, Cebu City]

[While they prepare for the food]

[They Also wait...]


Later that night was the Awarding Ceremony for various categories.
And my nominees for "The Couple of the Night" hehe.

Merry Christmas Guys! Nice Year Ender. :))

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  1. galing naman. may bloggers xmas party pa dyan.

  2. Naa gyud dong! organize by just all of us to meet for a year end party and celebrate Christmas as a group. Cebu Bloggers Society, are you familiar with that blogging community?

  3. bai miong.. manguha ko ug pic hap.. hehe.. ako e upload sa ako gallery.. hehe. thanks..

  4. Merry Christmas Pod Founder and kuha lang jorich.hehe naa pko ubay-ubay wala na nko naapil.hehe

  5. dili miong. diri ra ko kita ana sa imong blog. maayo dyud nga sige dyud mog kita diha.

    Merry Christmas sa tanan diha.