Registration for National Election 2010 will Commence!

By Miong - Thursday, November 27, 2008

Registration will be from December 2, 2008 to December 15, 2009(Take note of the inclusive dates, its enough for you to find schedule to register at you most comfortable time) at the Office of the Election of the district/city/municipality where the you reside. This include, applications for registration, transfer of registration records, reactivation and changes/corrections of entries in the registration records/inclusion of registration records/reinstatement of name in the list of voters.

In my own personal view of this activity, I guess it'll be better than the last Registration Period since this time it is more on luxury of time. I remember the time when I have my Registration in Lapu-Lapu City, where system is poorly implemented that may encourage legal age citizens not to register because of variations of arising personal concerns and interests. I hope it wont be the same again. Ill crossed my fingers.
Anyways Lets support this event and just enjoy with the tradition!
Registration forms are available online here
You may also visit the Comelec Education and Information Department (EID) blog: for more political info.

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  1. ayos! tamang tama at sana lahat ng kabataan makakapag rehistro.

  2. sakto gyud. And maayo unta dili sila lisod-lisuron kai mao gyud ni ang hinungdan nganong dili mulahos ug parehistro ang mga batan-on.

  3. oi thanks for this one. actually registered voter na ako. but i guess kelangan ko irenew ang registration kasi i registered when i was 18 pa.

  4. no probs josh, right, its also wise to do update your registration records.

  5. Great! thanks for posting this. I'll link your article.

  6. And there are links for online forms! Thanks for posting this.

  7. No probs guys. This a way of Practicing our Rights.