Miss Earth 2008: Karla Paula Henry

By Miong - Monday, November 10, 2008

Karla Paula Ginteroy Henry, former 2nd runner up Miss Cebu 2006 hails as Miss Earth 2008. First Filipina to be crowned on a contest considered as one of the three largest beauty pageants in the world. She empasizes in her answers that Barack Obama shall implement Environmental Knowledge in School Curriculums not only in USA but aslo in the Philippines. The final question was what they would tell US president newly elect Barack Obama, about the state of the global environment if ever they were to meet Credits to the Image

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  1. hmm, naglibog ko, ang nakabutang sa news paper kay 2nd runner up pag 2006.

    hehehe, \m/


  2. ako ang nasayop bai clarence,hehe its way back 2006 pa diay, pastilan. lamat bai. more power!

  3. i was really shocked that she won the crown. but then again, her answer was amazing. she's surely smart.

  4. yeah, good for this Fil-Canadian Folk that is baseb here in Cebu. She really emphasize that setting in school level though it is existing in our subjects to promote sustainability.

  5. wow i know her! :D she's so nice i'm glad she won!