Guitar Christmas Lanterns

By Miong - Monday, November 17, 2008

Guitar-making is one of the Industry and crafts of Cebu more specifically in Lapu-Lapu City. They have it displayed on Guitar Stores around the Island and some are exported nearby Islands like Manila, Davao and even places outside Philippines.

Yesterday, We attended the 6pm Novena Mass at Our Lady of the Rule National Shrine(Birhen sa Regla sa Opon National Shrine) since I used to attend mass in Marigondon(Our Lady Of the Sacred Heart-Parish). And there's this flocks of devotees of all sorts: ages, companions, purpose and wherever they belong.
The Mass just go smooth except for the buffering Sound system of the choir.
After the mass, We decided to detour and have a drop at the City Plaza where, Again, people of all sorts mixed up. Everything is okay and what is new was the Christmas Lanterns(Parol as popularized locally) that are in shaped of Small Guitars. So Ive got a camera then I got some pictures out of it and hit a tricycle ride back home where I spend dinner.
I have this pictures shared to you. Christmas Season is arounf the corner.

Lapu-Lapu City is showing what they've got as one of primary crafters of Word Class Guitar Products by extending the icon of the island in to Christmas Lantern.

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  1. it's so unique! it's so creative that they used guitar-shaped lanterns. nice. (:

  2. yeah, its kinda hard to produce this kind of crafts but they manage to do so!

  3. i too believe that lapu lapu produces one of the best guitars. and i too believe in their creativity. just looking at this photos, one can say that art is beautiful in this side of our country.

  4. yeah.
    we have lots of it and if only we'd make full use of it.hehe

  5. i've heard too that they produce the "best". naalala ko nung nagpapabili ako ng gitara, sabi ng tito ko, sa cebu nlng daw ako bilhan. hehe. and i'm still waiting for it. LOL.

    but really, those lanterns are nice.

  6. yeah thats absolutely true jess.hehe pero asan na yong guitara mo?hehe