5 Proposed CBS logos for Us to Choose

By Miong - Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ianov of is my high school classmate and like me a neophyte in blogging. I ask favor from him to create some logo for us and just last night with another classmate we face the desktop and give a kick off for a Photoshop CS2 application.
I know photoshop but there's something lucking in me that is present with him that is the key to produce some art out of our ideals. It's around 2:30am when I plug my thumb drive to his pc
to store the fully crafted logos.
Inspite of being very busy with his Feasibility Study he manage to help me create some potential cbs logo.
Ianov is an IE student of UCLM.
Actually I ask him to join CBS and he is willing to but for now he'll focus first on their Feasib.

So much for that.

Here's some suggested logos for us to choose:(The image below is low in resolution,
I have a higher resolution with me and once there will be enough logo to choose from just ask for the higher reslution file maybe for polling or whatever purpose it may serve-miong)

All images credits to Ianov of

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  1. I like the 1st logo on the second row... the green color...

  2. miong.. payter emung mga logos.. hehe..
    ayus ra na! kewl.....