Beijing Olympics 2008

By Miong - Friday, August 08, 2008

I was 2nd grader that time in my elementary years when I saw what Olympics are.
That was the Barcelona Olympics that I first saw.
The said event just happens every 4 years so as exciting as your birthday.hehe
I guess it was on that event we Filipinoes first get the Olympic Silver Medal courtesy of Mansueto "Onyok" Velascoin Boxing Event. Neglecting the politics that might behind in that specific fight. Anyway I would not be talking about controversies. I am not used to do that.hehe
One reason why I love to watch olympics is: Olympic Games are the means of competitions on all the nations of earth to hail the most powerful country in terms of sports games instead of engaging in a war which was the 'used-to-be' of this powerful nations before.
From that corner of my childhood, I continue to patron Olympics every 4 years even though Phillipines can't have as much medals that we dreamed but still I admired watching the Olympic Games.
And now, 5 hours from now, the Beijing Olympics will kick off!
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Im kinda excited for the opening although I have some idea from that korean Televiion Network that exposes some shots from the supposed confidential opening.
The million-dollar question, When can I watch Olympics, but not on TV. Who Knows.hehe

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