Old School and New School

By Miong - Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I just had my enrollment last tuesday at University of San Carlos.
Transferees are scheduled June 2-4, 2008, so I was that late to be enrolled.
My status is transferee since i have my first College Course in CITE Technical Institue.
I planned to proceed BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering after had been
completed my 3-year course in Electronics Technology, a vocational course.
Sounds complicated.
When I graduated High School, I thought I'll never been given a chance to step to college education and this is not new of being a filipino.
Statistics can answer what I mean. It's the governance that counts.
Anyway, I could not totally blame them.hehe
I was given a chance to step to college courtesy of a Government initiative:
through DOST-SEI Department of Science Technology-Science Education Institute.
I was blessed to passed the qualification and assessment processes by DOST-CEBU.
I was awarded a 3-year Full Scholarship.hehe
That's the good thing with Former President Fidel V. Ramos.
He'excellency. the one that aproves the Republic Act which is the
Legal basis of these Scholarhip.
Good for me.Very Good for me.hehe
Ar least I have a reason to pay taxes for now that I'm already working.tsk.tsk
In addition to that, I can say that the government is not totally crapt.hehe
Whatever other's might say.
Well, that's quite a long story.
As I go along.
3-years was that fruitful that I have gain the trust of my classmates and mentors
in CITE. It was kind an adventure from a school that lies the mountainuous side of Talamban, supported by Italian and Philippine Government.
Run by the 'Controversial' Opus-Dei of Roman Catholic.
I can't comment on that. It's Dan Brown's Fictious apotheoses.
If you had watch Da Vinci Code 2 years ago.
Soooo Much for that!hehe
I can tell more of that next time.
That was OLD School.hehe
And now in my new school.
The Prestigious Nest of Achievers.
University of San Carlos.
Kinda, worried cause I might not blend with the majority.
Kinda, nervous for new faces that might conflict with mine.whata.hehe
kinda, excited beacause i soon to be a...
CAROLINIAN from being A CITEnian.
Though my marks of being a CITEnian wouldn't vanishes.
Because it was tattoed on me and never will be effaced.hehe
For I am to enter a new institution,
I'l be deserve to take a rest.hehe
Rest is good for all of us.
Drink fresh milk,
Eat Cereals.
Intake Fibers through oatmeals.
Supplements of Good Bacteria from Soya Milk.
Sip some green tea.
and some bounty of quite sleep.
My old and New School.

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  1. welcome sa pagiging Carolinian! just enjoy! TC rocks!

  2. thanks dong! yeah TC rocks and the best jud!hehe gahi ang mga ECE sa tc bai!hehe