The Story Behind

By Miong - Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Plantation Bay in Mactan is aloud serene, calm, quite, stil and tranquil.
It's lagoon is immense.
I heard that its beach sand are crushed mountain stones which brings the characteristics
of being cold even under the sun.
It's our compnay outing btaw last week sa Plantation Bay Mactan.
All of us, mga 900 peope, more or less.
Although I live nearby the location of Plantation Bay,
I have no idea of what it would look like inside except the view of entrance gate which i passed by
everytime my family seeks the embrace of the beach or
when my skimmates invites for another tiring whole day skim sessions.
No idea, except the impression that it's very expensive. OO, Mahal.
Wala man sab ko ni-try ug search sa ila website kai gusto nko
ako gyud mismo ang makakita sa ila resort.
And what i just did deserves a worth story to tell;)
Inside was an immense view of a lagoon sorrounded by japanese inspired hotel rooms and suites.
One thing also that i don't know is that the resort is inspired of japanese
motives from the architectures, signages, and the way they prepare the beach with
japanese tables on the sand just like what japanese did in their homes.
Kinda interesting. A preparation like this.

I and Michael, my officemate think of an idea to tour the whole resort by walking
although bikes are available for free use:)
From the Orion's Beach to the Galapagos, down to reception area and the rest of the spots.
ang among naani mao ang singot nga namilit sa among kalawasan coz it was about 2pm i think?
But it was worth a sweat!Ü
The activity flows smoothly even though it rains but still no big deal
coz everybody is here and expected to get wet.
One of the activity that I've tried is Kayaking with Francis, my colleagu,e which is first time nako
and sayon raman diay maybe its because the lagoon is so calm that no waves can
oppose your directions.
There are so many activities like wall climbing, zip line, archery, etc and
I found hard time to manage my itme to try all of it>:)
I spent most of my time in the beach and the ballgames.
For 2 hours we have it intensively with a volleyball game on the over the waistline water:)
Good thing we spend(the team) it on that event.
And with volley ball, we even tried dutch ball game.hehe
Got to go... I'l update this next time;)

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