Tuesday, November 17, 2009

City Fiesta features Miss Lapu-Lapu 2009

A Fluvial Parade for Virgen de La Regla-Opon's Patron, last November 12 starts the Traditional and Religious Customs of people in Lapu-Lapu City, formerly Mactan Island during Datu Lapulapu's reign. Im sure every Filipino that passes History in High School know Datu Lapulapu and how he became the first Filipino Hero. Here's a pic taken by me way back 2005.
Opon Fiesta
So much for history. The City of Lapu-Lapu will have its Annual Fiesta on the 20th and 21st of November. The city has grown from just a little town before to one of the highly urbanized cities in Metro Cebu now. The city prepared activities for both the people of Mactan and the visitors that will come. One of the most awaited Events is Miss Lapu-Lapu 2009. I am able to beg some shots from Facebook friends that are also a participant to the Pageant.
Lapu lapu Fiesta 2009
Miss Lapu-Lapu 2009 usually will be held in the City's Auditurium just a few meters from the Virgen de Regla National Shrine. The Virgen de Regla Church is besides Saint Alphonsus Catholic School Compound.
Opon Fiesta
One thing for sure, the Pageant will be on November 20. Drop by venue during those days and be witnesse  what Lapu-Lapu Fiesta can offer to you.
Miss Lapulapu 2009
Thanks to Herlie Kim Artugue and Kay Marie Berangel for the Photos.

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Nash said...

wow you got some beautiful ladies out there!


Miong said...

Nash, Cheers back, yeah and its nice if you'll check them out!hehe

Miong said...

yeah supercool bai Jorich! its your weakness right? girls.^.^

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