Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Windows 7| Windows 7

Take a peek at the coolness to come: Windows 7 Beta. Preview the great things happening with their most eagerly-anticipated product, including Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, and the new generation of Windows Live Services.

See the Windows 7 Video Demo Here
The Windows 7 Beta is no longer available for download. But, if you have the Beta, here are the Installation Instructions and FAQ.
Source: Windows 7

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6 comments: on "Windows 7| Windows 7"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm hibung lang ko sa Microsoft sige silag himo ug bag-o bisan ang ilang Vista gani daghan pa kaayo ug bugs. Mas-stable pa ang XP. Tsk2x.

Pero nindot hinuon ug nawng. :D

Miong said...

Bitaw. Pero I guess sequel ni sa Vista kai so much like Windows Vista ang graphics sa seen sa Beta. Anyway, Windows XP is much of a server type Environment unlike Vista or this W7 that is more user-friendly and more personalized. I guess.hehe

escape said...

unta mas nindot na ni kaysa sa vista. salamat sa info miong.

Miong said...

btaw, maau unta. As what their demo portrays, they've got lota of new features and task added as demanded by the end user.

Anonymous said...

Tried using it. It utilizes/requires less hardware use compared to Vista.

Definitely better and looking forward to using it.

Miong said...

Wow, are you using the beta release of Windows 7 niick? If thats the case, then it must be a good innovation.

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