Friday, January 9, 2009

Miss Cebu 2009!

At my first glance on the candidates for Miss Cebu 2009, I had pick right away 3 as my bet judging from what the pictures can offer. But as I go through the pages, I started to add another bet until almost all of them caught my eyes.hehe
Indeed they are all deserving to be the finalist. They are all nice and beautiful.hehe
Anyway we'll wait for the results for Miss Cebu 2009 Winners.

Miss Cebu 2009 Wacky Post.

The Finalist-Miss Cebu 2009.
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6 comments: on "Miss Cebu 2009!"

escape said...

i think one of them looks like roxanne ginoo.

Anonymous said...

Kinsa man pud imo bet?

Sus madala unta si Ana. Hehe. ;]

Miong said...

murag naa pod btaw dong, gorgeous indeed!

Miong said...

wala nlang ko nagchoose ug bet kai ganahan man ko nla tanan makadaog, hehe. btaw maau ug deserving cla tanan. ooo, si Ana, naai potential. chai kaau.

Anonymous said...

Haha tanx bai. Mao, si Ana. Haha.

Pero bai, wai kalupig sa Ms Cebu 07 oi. Hahaha si Loise Tan. Gwapa au. Hahaha.

Miong said...

Mao gyud bai, Loise Angelique Tan, naa gani na cya product billboard sa may ayala center. Mas Chai gyud to cya.hehe

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