Monday, July 28, 2008

USC-ECE Acquaintance Party 2008 at Pacific Cebu Resort

We've got food, we've got the venue.
Thus, we 've got the reason to celebrate our party!
"You have my word of no Suspension"
Here are some pictures of the recently concluded(July 27, 2008) University of San Carlos-Electronics and Communication Engineering Department Acquaintance Party 2008 held at Pacific Cebu Resort, Lapu-Lapu City.
The Venue
The Banner

Get Along

It's me, 1st from the right.

The Essence of being Acquainted(They've got a match)

My Classmates in Filipino 1

Some bubbly presentations from the higher years:)

And Some Concluding Post

Thus, It's worth a story shared.
Fellow Carolinian.
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2 comments: on "USC-ECE Acquaintance Party 2008 at Pacific Cebu Resort"

Anonymous said...

I miss my college days... I was such a kill joy back then that I only attended two acquaintance parties and the only reason I attended because our teachers required us to do so...

Anonymous said...

mao jud.
you'll never miss a thing until its gone:)

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