Friday, March 9, 2018

Home and Interior Design Essentials Han Design Cebu

Han Design Cebu is industry-leading design store that provide good quality products such as wallpaper, windows blinds, wall murals and even home and office security systems. It serves the interior designers, architectural and facility management audiences needs. Their products are sourced from Korea such as the variety of window blinds from Roman shades, to modern combination designs, silk wallpaper, digital door locks, carpet of tile and roll form and customized Hotel Room Numbers.

Han Designs Modern Window Alternate Blinds

Han Designs has factory partners in Korea, and due to the high demand of trendy interior designs and materials, they do their best to come up with the latest mechanism, highly convenient and unique designs of the products they carry.  Han Designs can customize wallpaper and murals, carpets and window blinds of its variety. They ensure quality since their partners are registered manufacturer with complete certificates and approved by the Korean Homeowner’s Association. See below some of the Interior essentials that Han Designs offers.

Han Designs Modern Blackout Blinds

Combi blinds (double & tri- color), Modern alternate blinds, Fold- up blinds, Magic blinds, Roller shades, Aluminum blinds, PVC blinds, Real Wood (Wooden blinds), Vertical blinds, Accordion blinds ( folding door), Curtain Blinds, Digital Printed Blinds, Customized Roller or Combi blinds, Colored backing black- out blinds, Hospital Rail Curtain Set, Auto system (remote- controlled blinds)

Han Designs Modern Wall Patterns

Roll Carpet, Tile Carpet

Milre Digital Doorlocks
Residential Main doors and rooms, Glass doorlocks, Hotel room door locks, Locker Room, Sauna

Han Designs Modern Wall Decors

Foam Wallpapers
Foam Panels, Foam bricks, Foam marble, Foam Wave, Foam Mosaic

Han Designs are also willing to source out other materials for customers. The have 3 branches in Davao, General Santos and Cotabato City. In Cebu, Han Design is located at The North Atrium Arcade, Mandaue City. Han Deisgn Phone Numbers are (032) 420 3750

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