Monday, September 28, 2009

The ripples are felt down here in Cebu.

A Caricature from a fellow blogger NashyBoy of that would say it all. Popularity about typhoon Ondoy is anywhere and everybody is aware.
Let us not be so passive. Shall put an action to these. Get in touch with above contact means, Phillipine National Red Cross and other Non-Government Organizations-NGOs that are willing to help. Cebu Bloggers Society is also etending hand for this event. Count us in these time. :

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4 comments: on "The ripples are felt down here in Cebu."

Nash said...

hey thanks for spreading the word!

sure you have my permission to use the poster :)

keep in touch always.

I hope everybody can help and will be able to recover as quickly as possible.

Miong said...

Yeah, in times like these, we really need to do an act to make change event if its just little. THanks!

Nash said...

I agree :0 well as of now the victims were slowly recovering from what had happened

Miong said...

Good, I know they can recover, One good quality of being a Filipino.:)

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